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Request a quote is a professional Sea Container supplier throughout the Baltics. With us you will find new and used ISO Sea Containers, which we will deliver to the place you need. Containers of various types and sizes are available in the warehouse, with valid CSC certificates for cargo transportation or storage. For private needs, we will find quality sea containers with the color shade you need. Our task is to offer the Customer high-quality sea containers on the most advantageous terms.

Sale of sea containers offers new and used sea containers. Our team inspects the container before a sale, so the Customer can be sure of the quality of the purchased container. For the convenience of customers, ContainerBox provides free advice. Therefore, you can easily pick up the container you need for the required size, shape and color.

Used cargo containers (cargo worthy container) with technical inspection, suitable for use. The customer always has the opportunity to choose a more suitable used container. “Used” containers in working condition means:

  • completely airtight (without holes),
  • with a full floor, and working double doors.

20 ‘foot second-hand sea containers are more commonly used for private use. While 40’ foot second-hand sea containers will be more suitable for transporting or storing goods.

New one way containers are available in different colors. Containers in perfect technical and visual condition, without significant defects. Most containers are equipped with a special padlock protection system (safe lock, lockbox), which practically prevents the burglary of the container. “One-way” sea containers are usually not older than one year and more than two years of permission to participate in multimodal transport.


20’ft Shipping Containers

20 ‘feet (Dry Van, Dry Cargo, DV, DC) containers are one of the most common types of sea containers. Containers are equipped with hermetically lockable double doors at one end, container corners (fittings), with cargo loops (for securing a secure cargo). More often used for heavy cargo transportation or storage. 20’-foot HC (High Cube) containers are 30 cm higher than standard containers. Exactly a 20 ‘foot container is used:

  • reconstruction (creation of residential premises, cafes, insulated utility premises),
  • installation of special equipment (for installation of water pumping stations, industrial generators, boiler houses.

Container sizes:

  • 20’ft DV: 6.0 x 2.43 x 2.59 m
  • 20′-foot High Cube: 6.0 x 2.43 x 2.89 m

Standard containers are almost always on site at the terminal or warehouse. Upon request, we will also deliver special 20′-foot containers: 20’Double Door, 20’Side door, 20’Open Top …

40′ and 45′-foot Sea Containers

40 ‘foot DV (Dry Cube) ISO containers are made of stainless steel. The containers are equipped with a double-hinged door end, wall-mounted ventilation shafts, and a floor of durable plywood. The container can be moved by crane or car container truck.

40′-foot High Cube sea containers are higher than standard (DC) containers by: 30 cm (9’6) to accommodate higher loads. High Cube containers are suitable for storing car tires, piece cargo or electrical goods. Often 40-foot containers are used to transport equipment. Manufactured according to ISO standards and equipped with a valid CSC plate.

The 45′-foot HCPW is the largest sea container on offer. The maximum amount of cargo that can be stored or transported is an advantage of the main 45′-foot containers compared to others.

Container sizes:

  • 40′ DV: 12.0 x 2.43 x 2.59 m
  • 40′ High Cube: 12.0 x 2.43 x 2.89 m
  • 40′ feet HC Pallet Wide: 12.0 x 2.5 x 2.89 m
  • 45′ HCPW: 13.7 x 2.5 x 2.89 m

Container delivery delivers shipping containers throughout the Baltic’s. And also within the territories of Latvia, in case of urgent need, it is possible to arrange fast container delivery in one working day. Before the delivery of the container, we collect complete information about the delivery object therefore we provide free consultations. Each case of shipping a sea container is considered individually.
Therefore we offer the following services:

  • loading of the container into the specified transport;
  • coordination of the date and time of delivery
  • container delivery and unloading;
  • provision of the labor force;
  • preparation of the necessary accompanying documents. can deliver:

  • 10 ‘and 20’ foot sea containers;
  • 40 ‘and 45′ foot sea containers’;
  • Residential oversized modules
  • Various types of storage containers